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Ornella Linsey Ngantche Nya Wambou

AEE Power give me the opportunity to work in this company that I feel as a family. It is very rewarding to work with a team whose primary goal is to empower Africa.

María José Morgado Martínez

Working for AEE Power allows me to develop my professional career in an international and multidisciplinary environment, not only delving into all the areas of the project but also having an overall approach of it.
Moreover, the work environment is unbeatable, the colleagues are from very different cultures which enriches my daily work, and my superiors allow me to take decisions in my daily performance which let me feel proud of my work.

Marien Okana Nsiawi Ottin

AEE Power is a company that gives me the opportunity of working in a multicultural environment. With the help of the international experts that join us in our different projects, AEE Power ensures their clients the highest quality levels. AEE Power also promotes the development of local competences in every country where is based. It also empowers not only the local communities knowledgement, but also their economic and technic development.

Isaac Nzinga Batanga

Working at AEE Power is wonderful. The work environment is very special and, quite simply, fantastic because it allows for truly multicultural encounters. Integrating AEE Power is an opening to a new horizon and allows to face real challenges of the future that must be boldly taken up. Rigor, professionalism, realism and objectivity characterize the fundamentals of work at AEE Power.